A Guide to Swords : The Webcomic


Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Where did you get your inspiration?
I made the first episode with no intention to make more, but then it got really popular so I made some more.

2. How far ahead have you planned?
The major plot points are planned out, but if a good joke comes along I’m willing to change details. I don’t have hundreds of episodes scripted in advance.

3. Why swords?
There are lots of fantasy tropes you can make fun of with the common theme of swords.

4. How long does it take to make an episode?
About 1-2 hours, depending on complexity.

5. What do you use to make the series?
I currently use a Surface Pro 6 with MediBang Studio.
Swords 1-314 were made with the Surface Pro 4, which died right in the middle of Inktober! Thankyou to everyone who helped pitch in for a replacement!

6. Who is your favourite character?
Kris the Necromancer, maybe.

7. Do you own any real swords?

8. Do you play DnD?
I play a Dragonborn Warlock named Sjach’Anon.

9. Can I be a guest character?
If you support my Patreon

10. Why isn’t the series in order?
I just tell whatever joke I can think of at the time, I’m not concerned with telling the story in a sensible way.

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How in the world do you not have a sword? They’re fantastic!


I’m sure someone will buy one for me eventually. I couldn’t decide between a replica of Sting and Hattori Hanzo’s blade.


I have a katana (my dad, a barbarian, know’s I’m a nerd). Unfortunately, it is purely ceremonial and is no use for stabbing anyone. I second the opinion that someone will get you a sword soon.