Hi, I'm Doc Ned!

Hello! I am an artist and musician who works both digitally and traditionally! When doing commissions I prefer to charge by the hour, and am available at these places:
:dragon: Telegram is @DrUndefinedNed
:lizard: Instagram is @Dudemandean
:snake: Twitter also @Dudemandean
:shamrock: And finally, my discord is Dr. Undefined Ned#7711 if you’d like to contact me there!

Thx for reading! :grin:

(Here are some of examples of my work! I am only allowed to post one image as a new user, so I used a workaround, I’ll post additional examples in a comment.)

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[Char belongs to berserkdoodle (https://artfight.net/~berserkdoodle) on the last one :smile: ]