Is Kargob a demon sword that changed?

Ok so there isn’t actually evidence to support it, but hear me out

Since the Seven Eyed Sword is actually a Eight Eyed Sword.

We don’t really know how many eyes Kargob have.

All demon swords have edgy atributes (relentless omens, absolute fury, endless chaos…)

Kargob is the God of Darkness

Why do the Demon Swords hate Kargob so much? Why is He feared so much by the other Gods? Do humans worship other gods or maybe only Kargob is praised?

I think all those coincidences and “only Kargob” things may lead to Kargob formerly being a Demon Sword that changed it’s own nature.

Well, thanks for reading me! :slight_smile:


I agree with this, generally. Since Kargob won the battle to shape the universe he could’ve easily turned all the other contenders into “demons” just to spite them.

My extension on your theory is that the other gods (Bograk, Argok, Baltad, etc.) were also part of the battle, but they supported Kargob, so he made them gods instead of enemies.


I’m not sure what to make of this, but a lot of things don’t quite add up about Kargob. Like, why would a god of darkness cut open the darkness with a sword of light, while there already is a demon of unspeakable darkness, which also has the same amount of eyes as Kargob.


I only now seen @endystar comment about the Demon’s glasses being the same as Kargob/the same number of eyes

Now I may think that demons/gods may be rivals with their same-numbered pair. (Kargob/Oaths, Bograk/4-eyed, Baltad/2 eyes and so on), but this puts us into a lack of gods (I think), but the other ones may have been consumed/dead during the first war?


You heretic. Everyone knows Kargob (which is very cool) has six eyes


Ok there are five gods

Kargob (6/8 eyes), Bograk (4), Baltad(3/2?), Greg(4 again) and Argok (we don’t really know)


Are you suggesting that Kargob may have filled in as the seventh demon sword, implying that Kargob has SEVEN eyes?


I’m so not sorry for my heresy

Also, it is a place between having six and eight eyes, so it would be a unexpected yet reasonable answer to the question


I would rather think that the 7 eyed sword betrayed the other demon swords and was the light blade Kargob used to cut the darkness open.


No! You futile uneducated disbeliever! Kargob has but zero eyes! The four things residing in his beautiful skull are but eye sockets!