Swords | DCCCXLII ~ Where A Beast Dare Not Qwest

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He’s very scary. He tried to help someone open a jar of pickles! :fearful:

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Let’s see, “will do any qwest that doesn’t involve scary demons” that probably should have been made known.

Fair choice. I can almost hear the boss music from here.

I kinda hope the first 2 panels of Qwest Sprout talking to the Everstabbed are the same as Swords | DCCXXIX ~ The Everstabbed Just because it’d be hilarious if he says that every time someone comes to ask him a question.

Well, given he’d be talking to Qwesty, Panel 3 would then be a foregone conclusion, meaning 75% of that comic is virtually done without Matt even having to do anything. Yet leaving Panel 4 a complete mystery until written.

I with you, little Sprout. I’d want backup from the Questing Beast too!