Swords | DCCCXXIII ~ Team Qwests Make The Dream Qwests

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So all magical swords can access the dream realm? Or at least they apparently need sleep. And I think I see shoulders? So that implies that they have humanoid forms in the dream realm. Maybe they get to choose what they look like.

Lol I like how Good Fortune has basically adopted Feline Energy, as foretold in DCCCXVI

Desperately wanna see how the sword of good fortune and the sword of feline energy ended up together.

Poor Pest Sprout! Being used for manual labor over and over by your friend isn’t fun! Though it does seem like Quest Sprout sees his error

Good Fortune and Feline Energy appear to be Harpe and Joyeuse’s swords. They’re presumably friends, like their owners.

I don’t think so, when they appear in DCCCXVI they’re just a background detail, not being carried by Joy & Harpe

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Ah, you’re right. I missed them in the first panel.