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As I have stated before, he has negative 49 eyes, as stated by the great dyslexic prophet of cursive font! When will you guys learn?

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i implore you to stop binge drinking that mushroom juice before someone kills you for heresey. how does a stabbing implement even drink anyways?

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They talk about some swords having a thirst.
My guess would be they drink by stabbing the liquid and.or its container.

why the hell does that actually make sense

Was it ever explained what Unspeakable Darkness did to get her name banished?

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According to Kargob, she was being a real jerk and had a dumb name, anyway.


It is pretty interesting that she keeps being asked relationship issues.

mmmm mushroom juice
they try to kill me? i kill them first

TASTY Musrooooooooooooooooooooooom…silence and the sword clatters to the floor

whisper from the floor no i just have a mouth so no stabbing required, thought it is hard to open the bottle. silence once more

A shame they have to unalive Unspeakable Darkness. She seems pretty chill compared to her siblings.


if they kill sacred oaths will all magic disappear?