Swords | DCCCXXXVI ~ Harpe's Inventory

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probably from smith, her ex.

“Metal Stein”

Metal stein, stein!

(For those not in the know, stein means ‘stone’ in German, and while it also refers to a specific style of large earthenware beer mugs… they are still earthenware - aka stone!)

In English, those metal ones are usually called tankards. And the metal is traditionally a pewter alloy.

She didn’t seem very broken up about leaving him, so I don’t see why she would keep it (plus he’s getting frisky with her moms). Additionally, it’s being kept in her pack and not being worn, so I suspect it’s actually waiting to be given by Harpe to a lucky someone…

that would be because it was her who left. she caught him romancing a sword and was just done. besides, even if he did leave and not her i don’t think harpe would mind considering smith’s unhealthy obsession with swords. also kopis is the only one who is harpe’s mom, coincidently kopis is also the only one of xiphos’s wives who doesn’t seem to think smith is xiphos. and, to make another point, why would she be wearing a ring from someone she isn’t with anymore?

Chekhov’s lockpicks

Love this storyline!

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Her father’s other wives are technically her stepmoms. Also, my point was that if the ring was from Smith why world she still have it at all rather than tossing it or selling it or returning it? Plus she wasn’t wearing it when she was with Smith either, so I really doubt it came from him.

We didn’t pack Harpe’s knapsack
Might be overloaded but it doesn’t show it
We didn’t pack Harpe’s knapsack
But her inventory’s gonna bring her glory

What manner of sword-themed avian did she get the eggs from?

Maybe it’s made of hematite.

Or wait, I know! That stuff they make ceramic knives out of, that’s also used to make wedding rings. Metallic lustre, takes an edge, but is sintered, not forged. Gem ceramic? That stuff.

People get sentimental about stuff sometimes. Besides, there is the utility oif re-using it if she has no sentimental feelings about it.

Okay but taking the ring given to you by your ex and then using it to propose to someone else is just all kinds of wrong…