The Sworld Is Flat (Seven-Eye Theory)

Ok hear me out.

In episode Swords | X - What Shape Is Our World, the Great Sage of the Heavens jokes about the world being sword-shaped, then says that it is round. Given that the Great Sage is amazingly accurate about so many things, not least of all celestial ocular numbers, here are a few reasons his joke may be the real deal:

It is shown that at least one magical sword can affect/alter gravity (Swords | DLVII - Up To No Good). If the world was round, I believe the sword would probably work in one of two ways:

  • When pointed up, all people on the respective hemisphere of the world face worse and worse gravity as they walk away from the sword, with the opposite hemisphere being thrown away from the planet and into space. This doesn’t make much sense, and would make the Sword of Up a doomsday weapon to rival the Infinity Sword.

  • When pointed up, gravity acts as it would on a normal spherical planet, but when pointed sideways, everything spins. This might make more sense, but it doesn’t feel as comical or true to the Swords universe (dumb excuse, I know). Plus, if it worked this way, some psychopath mage would have started using it to fast travel already.

What happened to the seven-eyed demon is disputed a lot, but it may prove the most sense to look at other, non-pointy-weapon-based creation myths. In many creation myths, the world is formed from a body or multiple bodies. In Norse mythology, Odin and his brothers shape the corpse of Ymir into mountains and skies. In Greek mythology, the goddess Gaea literally is the earth, and her husband Ouranos’ corpse forms the sky. In Chinese mythology, a giant makes the earth and sky out of the halves of an egg, and makes his body into natural landmarks. I think it’s possible that Matthew is following this pattern.

The seven-eyed demon doesn’t seem to have any physical (or at least conscious) form in the sword-iverse. In Swords | DCCXXX - The Cave of Exposition, Endless Chaos remarks on the “death” of Boundless Hunger. Given that Stroller surprises him, he probably didn’t get this news from an outside source, implying some form of mental connection between the demon swords. This episode was followed by Endless Chaos’ monologue in which he talks about all the demon swords except for seven-eyes. Given the aforementioned psychic connection, it seems unlikely that he’d just forget about one of his siblings, so it may stand to reason that the seven-eyed demon was removed from this world entirely.

Or - it was reused.

In summary, I think Kargob might literally turn the seven-eyed demon into the world of Swords. Thanks for coming to my TED Talk.

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