Unofficial Weekly Discussion 1: Favorite Character?

Who’s your favorite character from Swords?

  • Give your reasoning!

  • Are there any other characters you like?

  • Is there anything that you wish your favorite character would do?

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Best character by far is my one true love Sebastian :heart_eyes::heart::heart::heart:


Fav main character: Breadknight
Fav side character: Sharp Sharply (or Sickle)

There’s so many good characters though so it’s hard to choose.


Bring back more Sharp Sharply.


It’s tough. There are so many great characters in this series. Some of my favorite jokes involve the Edgesmith, so he’s probably my favorite side character.
I’m also a big villain person, so I like the Three-Eyed Demon Sword/Demon King. I hope there will be more about the other demons in the future.
But, my favorite main character? Err, it’s a tie between The Bread Knight and Joyeuce. Both are awesome characters.


Xiphos, Harpe and Joyeuce are definitely my top 3.

personally, as a goose, i admire the evilness of the demon king, but kargob is very cool

The egesmith by far

i love baltad, he is the god of fire afterall. but i also love quest sprout and his gun universe version, west sprout.

Easily Xiphos. He’s an epic supporting character but also pretty dumb and derpy at times. Also it seems like he’s the new Kargob? Don’t know what’s up with that but can’t wait for a sequel to the dividing cut

P.S. we should start comparing that sequel to Hollow Knight: Silksong