What's going on in the Swords story episodes

So, the Swords timeline is getting pretty complicated, so I wanted to summarize here for anyone new and/or confused. I’m writing this with the most recent episode being CDLXXVIII - The Time Of Your Knife.

The Bread Knight and Harpe have directly engaged the Demon god, who has absorbed the powers of all five Godswords. Sickle and the Travel Goblin, revealed to be a piece of Argok, are there, and trying to combine the hilt of Baltad’s Blade and the blade of Greg’s Vane.

Meanwhile (I think), the Dark Knights and the Paladins have gone to war, but were interrupted when the Demon Sword of Sacred Oaths grew tired of having her power sapped and has intervened.

The Stroller has shipwrecked on Demon Island, and is looking for his crew with the Mysterious Troll, presumably another Argok demigod. Demon Island appears to be the home of the five-eyed demon sword, who is shown to still be sealed away during the Demon King’s rampage. However, Swords CLVI shows him in the body of a minotaur, fighting a hero. It’s unclear whether this episode is just a joke with any effect on the story, or if it takes place at a different time.

Knife and Tim the Explorer have traveled back in time to the Darkness Before Time, where the gods and demons battled for the right to shape the universe. They have met with Argok.

The Dwarf Argok Demigod is looking to recover the Demon Sword of Absolute Fury, who has possessed a Dire Wolf.

The Elf Argok Demigod is currently trying to dispose of the Demon Sword of Relentless Omens.

The Demon Sword of Unspeakable Darkness is still sealed away, answering questions to tourists and pilgrims.

The Demon Sword of Endless Slumber was unsealed when the elves colonized The Shelf, and is now waiting to be sold in a shop in Hiltshire (presumably).

Kargob, Bograk, their swords’ souls, and Xiphos’s soul are inside the Demon god. Argok’s godsword’s soul is also likely in the Demon god. It is unclear whether Greg is in the Demon god, though presumably not because Baltad isn’t either.

And most importantly (you didn’t think I’d forget, did you), Quest Sprout is traveling with a group of adventurers, while looking for its mother.

There we have it. I think this is a pretty comprehensive guide to the main Swords storyline, although I left out the friendly ghosts since its unclear how they fit into the timeline. If there’s anything I missed, leave it in the comments.

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