Who is the true main character of swordscomic

We have many protagonists in sword comic, but who is the true main character?

  • Quest Sprout
  • Bread Knight
  • Harpe
  • Smith
  • Rapier Tapir
  • Joyeuse

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Personally I think it’s Harpe

qwest sprout seems to be getting some more attention recently so i guess him.

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Considering there isn’t a single storyline, it’s hard to pick a single main character. There’s a few people who aren’t even on this poll that could be listed, like Xiphos.

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He died but I’ll list him ig. I thought about listing kargob but I think everyone would vote him for laughs

EDIT: never mind it won’t let me edit the post

In an interview with Mathew, Mathew said quest sprout was SUPPOSED to be a side character but people loved him so much that he became a main character.

Although I feel like he doesn’t have that much going on regarding the main plot (imho). That being the three eyed demon sword.